Do not oppose me

I’m Raleigh Theodore Sakers, and you will learn to respect me, for my wealth and power endow me with wisdom beyond your wildest dreams.

My Word is the Word of the Lord. I run this show and I run a tight ship. I run a clean operation. My books are immaculate, motherfucker!

Government tyranny goes all the way back to the Bible, when Roman taxation drove Jesus to flipping tables.

Jesus table-flipping Christ

My will be done, we wouldn’t even have a government. We’d have a committee that defers all environmental use concerns to Lebal Drocer, Inc. who loves and respects Nature and strives to make her more efficient, and more bountiful than ever before.

DO NOT STAND UP TO ME. May death fall upon those who oppose me and defile my image with fake news and false facts.

I am the way. Fuck you. You never transcended!

You’re nothing.

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