In a world where nothing is sacred, Lebal Drocer is there for YOU.

Let’s face it: It’s tough running your own business. Let Lebal Drocer Solutions make the tough choices for you. When we help our clients run their businesses, we serve the enduring spirit of Raleigh T. Hatesec himself. Blessed be his name, and may his reign be long-lived and unopposed.

Our business is based around a core set of universal values and a belief in human good. It’s only through our patented lens of __ values that Lebal Drocer ensures the best practices for your business and ours.

Lebal Drocer, Inc. core values:


All day every day, Lebal Drocer encourages new life. Being fruitful and multiplying doesn’t have to wait for adulthood!

Sponsors of the critically-acclaimed Teen Mom, Lebal Drocer creates new challenges, and new business(!) every day.


With the exception of a certain group of people we refuse to acknowlege, We are all immigrants, and therefore believe immigrants deserve an honest chance.

And as long as certain people stay in their reserved places – WE GAVE YOU A PLACE – then every honest immigrant has that opportunity. That is, unless something happens to your green card and/or work visa. But that would never happen. And that’s The Lebal Drocer Promiseā„¢.

Pursuit of Happiness


Every strong relationship begins with trust. But when you violate that trust…

Lebal Drocer loves you, but you just make us so mad sometimes.

You have our word it will never happen again.




With Lebal Drocer, it’s your world.

Fuck everyone else.